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Willy Blogger | August 2, 2022
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The Hearst newspaper, Beaumont Enterprise, has a delightful series called “7 Questions With…” which features weekly interviews of small business owners, entrepreneurs, and community leaders. Monday August 1st features our very own owner of Willy Burger and Neches Restaurant Group CEO, Dallon James.


The article highlights a little backstory of our beloved burger restaurant and gives readers a little insight into who, how, and why Willy is so Willy good.


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Online edition of the article at beaumontenterprise.com (article and photo by Courtney Pedersen)


On a stormy, rain-soaked day last week, the interview took place in our Willy Burger Airstream as the fragrance of funnel cake and fresh buttered buns filled the air.  Beaumont Enterprise reporter, Courtney Pedersen, braved the weather and settled in to ask Mr. James questions about business, about burgers, and even some questions about how this all came to be.

“It was a fun experience to ‘Q and A’ with Ms. Pedersen and to recall some of those beginnings of the business. And then to look up and see the changes we’ve made, the new things we’ve got going, and to see just how far we’ve come in a short time,” James says. “It’s rewarding.”

The article highlights some of Dallon’s and Laney’s (James) favorite menu items, the challenges of driving a business, and what’s important. It’s WILLY easy to see how important FAMILY is to the Jameses. It’s a family-owned business designed to serve families in the community with appreciation and a joyfulness from the kitchen, to the floor, to the billboards around town and to the chatter online.


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“The series for the 7 questions is a good thing for our community,” says James. “I’m grateful for the opportunity to talk about what we love here at Willy Burger and dig into the topics. We all look forward to reading every Monday and learning about other experiences, insights, and commentary from our peers in the community.”

The series from the Enterprise will continue for more Mondays, and we’re Willy excited to learn more about other businesses and folks in Southeast Texas.

See the full article here online 

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