Brand Re-fresh Fun

Willy Burger
Willy Blogger | February 25, 2022

Willy Burger is happy (and hungry) to share our newest brand update fun. Same flavor, new look!

Willy Burger has unveiled a bright new logo and complimentary branding elements. The new release is the first visual component of many to go along with the new ownership of Willy Burger taken place earlier this year.

The leadership team is enthusiastic about the branding and say that the new logo launch is to point to the spirit of all things “Willy” in a fresh new take.

At first glance, the new logo doesn’t look completely new. As owner and CEO, Dallon James, describes: “That’s all by design.”

Our new owner wants to ensure to Willy’s longtime fans and followers that their beloved favorite Willy Burger burgers, shakes, onion rings and more aren’t going anywhere, nor are we changing up the recipes. We are, however, enhancing and advancing!

“I love craft specialty burgers. I’m a genuine fan, I’m passionate about burgers. And that’s why I love Willy Burger. So I’m not here to change anything that I—or others like me,—love so much,” James says. “That’s why I wanted a visual identity that represented the stability and legacy, but also declares that—hey—this is a new look for a new beginning.”

The original Willy Burger logo involves a variety of features that add up for an eclectic, playful, magnetic design. The checkerboard pattern encased by the hard corners are contrasted with the bright colors and directional arrow in a loop, encircling everything and pointing to the physical store. The kerning in the typeface features spatial pace, all tilted in an up-and-to-the-right direction.

By contrast, the new Willy Burger logo features a modernized typeface and treatment with clean lines, arcs, and edges. The simplified design overall cuts out much of the complications of the original for quicker, easier identification and a more solidified, unified core.

And you thought Willy was just silly. Ha! When it comes to giving the best to our customers from the kitchen to the service and, yes, even to the brand elements, we’re on a delicious mission.

“Brand love is a real thing and Willy Burger certainly has a mighty good thing going. We’re approaching the ten year mark…we want to mark that milestone, we just want to keep it moving forward, and make it all it could be,” says Lance LaRue, Chief Marketing Officer.

The new logo is a tasty team effort with more brand development rolling out in waves. The first update from E. Sullivan Advertising & Design modernized the logo in 2021 and set the tone for more. LaRue joined the ranks in early 2022 and happily ran with it.

“Much of what you see here is our visual stamp on things,” he continues. “Clearly defined vision, values, commitments, and quality all dressed up in a bright, fun package. Just like the wonderful burgers and service at Willy Burger…

We want to make it easy for customers to have fun with and enjoy.”

Willy Burger has more in the works already. With new digital design components, an upcoming food expo at the Taste of the Triangle, and more, Willy Burger is set to make 2022 a Willy special tenth year. Willy Burger is developing a new website set for a late spring release with easy, efficient navigation and online ordering. Stay tuned and look for more fun your way soon!

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