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Willy Burger is an established fast-casual, counter-service restaurant with locations in two Texas markets—primed and ready for more.

Willy Burger has an already-fervant fan base and we’re right in the thick of a growing niche within the food and bev/restaurant industry (craft burgers). 

The strategic, powerful model Willy has crafted allows for serving customers efficiently, effectively, and profitably with a fun atmosphere. And with our newly energized brand-ownership direction, Willy Burger is poised for the next level of success and ready to expand.

Delicious Statistics

Consumer interest for burgers is always on high heat, but a quick glance at recent restaurant reports, studies, stats, and trends show even more excitement.

A few short years ago, Upserve highlighted the trend that mid-range burger joints are making a niche for themselves.” Upserve’s report revealed how Millenials are changing the scope on the burger scene and actually increasing value due to the emphasis on premium quality. The article states that 40% of guests are more likely to purchase and spend slightly more” for basically a “better” burger as they recommend the “first step is to get your burger right.” A

Fast-forward to today, this assessment rings true both in the industry and in our very own Willy Burger.

Among the many things we’ve all learned during the COVID era, there’s no doubt that consumers passionately want special dinners from their favorite restaurants. FSR Magazine’s February 2022 report shows the intensity of consumer demand for dining in. B

Additionally, takeout and delivery orders remain high even after the peak of the COVID quarantine—which saw a 59% increase from Q4 2019.C   This solidifies the argument that the American public is ready and hungry for something special.

The proof is piping hot at each of our very own Willy Burgers. Despite the year’s inflation and other societal effects, Willy Burger saw a rise of nearly 10% in revenue under the new ownership in 2021. While many restaurants suffered the economic woes of 2020, Willy Burger pushed ahead with happy, hungry customers ready for more thanks to:
  • Adaptable, agile mindset with tangible implementation
  • Efficient, Lean model of counter-service
  • Modernized fast-casual dining and touchless transations
  • User-friendly, convenient online ordering capabilities
  • Easy integration and partnerships with Delivery apps including Door Dash, Waitr, Favor
  • Premium quality and spectacular chef-driven food
  • Attentive leadership, core values, defined vision, and purpose-driven service

For further seasoning on the matter, the aforementioned Upserve report notes that it’s not just important WHAT is demanded, but by WHOM…

In a recent brand report from Ranking The Brands (measuring brand love, loyalty, and more), consumers in the Gen Z and Millenial categories list innovation and entertainment as top desires from a brand—further underscoring Upserve’s insight. However, it’s revealed that older generations like Boomers and Gen X favor reliability and consistency. D

This is all precisely where Willy Burger willy stands out!

“By identifying our ideal customer profiles, we’ve found that we are an escape for some AND a place of reliability and comfort for others,” says Willy Burger Owner and CEO,  Dallon James. 

“Willy serves as an artistic, flavor adventure AND as an ideal place for families to happily have a fun night out or special takeout…so we have this unique ability to deliver on both ends of the spectrum. And we do it with quality and efficiency due to our lean, modernized model.”

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Since 2012

Willy Burger has an alluring, eclectic, magnetic menu—something for everyone. With the star of the show being our unique, bold flavor profiles for craft burgers, Willy is a rare home for world-class flavor with hometown charm.

With accolades from Texas Monthly, the Texas Bucket List, and other publications, Willy’s burgers are endorsed by even the strictest of connoisseurs who make the pilgrimage to our Cajun corner of Texas.

Willy has seen guests from California, New Mexico, and other states make the trek. For example, in 2022 we met a couple from Fort Worth who flew to Beaumont just to get a taste of the legendary burger! It’s this kind of stardom that turns customers into brand ambassadors.

It’s exciting to have such a claim on remarkable, rare flavors that make a burger special and sought after.


2021 is the mark of a new era for Willy Burger.

Laney and Dallon James purchased the restaurant from the original owner, who’d moved away in recent years to pursue other investments. Right away, the the James family went to work to carry on the legacy and introduce the bold, beautiful burgers to new audiences.

Being longtime fans of Willy Burger, the James family is dedicated to protecting, nurturing, and advancing the Willy Burger name. Both Laney and Dallon are committed to Willy being a people-first, service-oriented, high quality, high value, beloved brand that burger aficionados and local friends and families can enjoy and call their own.

The James family comes with both small business and corporate experience, which is a fundamental weapon in operations for the company. Each leadership position holds this duo of both corporate and small business success, all designed to better align and equip Willy Burger for success as a national treasure with world-class flavors and as a local landmark and involved community player.

From accounting, to marketing, to our veteran VP of Operations and exec chef, the dynamic background of business experience and shared vision put Willy Burger franchisees at an unprecedented advantage.

In Februrary of 2022, we did our first regional food and bev expo where Willy Burger was able to share samples and introduce the new branding of the company. The response was incredible. Older customers were excited to hear of the new ownership, and they were happy to see the new life and direction that still carries on the tastes they’ve loved for the past decade. New consumers raved about the creative, crafted flavors as they lined up to get a taste and even just a glimpse of what was jamming up the line around the arena.

The new energy was palpable as our Willy Burger booth was such a popular hit, it forced us to bring in reinforcements not once, but twice throughout a three-hour night!  

Throughout this kickoff event and even as days/weeks passed, comments pouring in are a great indication of what’s to come. 

Willy Burger has more momentum, more advantages, and more potential for willy wild growth than ever before. And now is your time to be a part of the new era in what American consumers are demanding and what only Willy Burger can deliver:

Spectacular, World-Class Burgers.  Happy, Hometown Charm.

Connect with us today! See below for how we can serve you today and how you can become a franchisee for a flavorful, fun tomorrow!

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