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Willy Burger
Willy Blogger | May 16, 2022

New things are heatin’ up with added events and menu items, and now we have an all new website!

Willy Burger is beyond excited to share our new and improved website. The new look is a bright, shiny reflection of the enthusiasm, personality, and momentum of the Willy Burger experience. Loaded with pretty new photos and colorful commentary, it’s not just for looks…

The new worldwide web of Willy is also designed to be more user-friendly and keep up with wants, needs, and overall appetite for the modern user. With convenient links for viewing the menu in detail and for ordering online with the Toast app, Willy fans and friends will have a speedier, easier experience.

The mobile-friendly website offers new visitors a helpful glimpse into all things Willy like who, what, and why (and where) and a more complete look at the updated menu. It also gives return visitors and customers easy navigation to get where they want with ease and—dare we say—fun.

“This has been something we’ve wanted to do for a long time, especially to accommodate for easy online mobile views and ordering,” says owner and CEO, Dallon James.

“Together with our marketing officer, Lance LaRue, who designed the site, we were intentional about ease of access and navigation. We’re a growing company with lots of fun things going on and much more to come, so the branded content has to be engaging as well as flexible in that it has to grow WITH us. And more importantly, with our customers. ”

The new website is a collaborative effort with our friends at Americom Marketing. Blake Royer brought our designs to life for mobile fluidity and for making our hand-drawn elements to jump, shake, and wiggle for more fun engagement.

Our Willy website features reviews, location specifics, a full menu as well as links to our online menu for ordering. Links to view our YouTube channel with new videos (and more to come) and social media have a much needed upgrade. The website’s news and events blog also serves as a home base for news updates and releases, community events in Katy and in Beaumont, and more.



As fun as it is to share now, it’s just the beginning! We Willy look forward to what’s next and what’s after that and after that and ever more. Come along for a fun, flavorful ride!

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