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Willy Blogger | January 20, 2023
Feature image of Joe Perez and Willy Burger Tx Chronicles

Bites! Camera! Action! Willy Burger has made it to the screen early this 2023 and boy, oh, boy—this is Willy somethin’ special.


Close up making a double cheeseburger at Willy Burger


Texas Chronicles—the popular food, history, and entertainment digital journal hosted by the Emmy Award-winning, Joe Perez—made a stop by Willy Burger for their latest episode on great bites across Texas.

And we are mighty delighted and honored they did! Joe and team filmed a few shots in the kitchen, in the dining area, and all around our fun, funky diner to show a glimpse of the character and creativity of Willy.

The video just dropped for all to see here:



By filming some behind-the-scenes shots of our talented team making our big, beloved burgers, the Texas Chronicles really gives viewers an up-close, personal, powerful view of the delicious distinctions in our craft burgers at Willy Burger. This video episode includes the making of our signature Hee-Haw Burger, our Kung Fu Burger, our onion rings, and funnel cake.


sizzling bacon cheeseburger on Willy Burger's flat top


opening credits of Texas Chronicles episode

Also featured is a brief interview with Lance LaRue, our Chief Marketing Officer of parent company, Neches Restaurant Group, and Willy Burger. LaRue’s interview serves as much of the voice-over of the episode while scenes of smiles, guests, sizzling bacon, hot onion rings, fresh burgers, and hard-working cooks parade on screen.


Row of burgers prepped at Willy Burger

Lance LaRue Marketing officer interview on Texas Chronicle


Mr. Perez captures some terrific imagery here of juicy, mouthwatering burgers and bites as well as some happy, hungry customers joining in on the fun. We are so honored and thrilled to have had this video showcasing the menu, the personality, and fun, folksy vibe of our 10-year old diner.


Photo of smiling guest and cheeseburger

Cook showing off two completed burgers in Willy Burger kitchen


Mr. Joe Perez isn’t just a happy customer of our big, bold burgers. He’s a pro! Mr. Perez has won NINE Emmy Awards as a director and he has done countless articles, segments, and vignettes covering various intriguing topics of Texas. From history and folklore to food and travel, he really knows his way around Lone Star storytelling.

Part food critic, part veteran journalist, and part videographer extraordinaire, Mr. Perez generously shines the spotlight on diners likes ours. He’s been all over the great state covering delicious foods from some of the most premiere restaurants, chefs, and legacies around. So if our smiles at Willy Burger are a bit bigger than usual, well this is why! We’re mighty proud to show off what our crew can do 😉


Joe Perez Closeup Texas Chronicles with Willy Burger


And this isn’t the first time we’ve gotten great attention from Mr. Perez and the Texas Chronicles. He first wrote a super article on us in 2020 as he stopped by on his travels from Louisiana to Houston. The article features a few yummy photos and some insightful commentary on what makes Willy stand out. Click here for the article

Girls at dining table of Willy Burger enjoying a meal


Check out the video and see for yourself. What a thrill, what an honor, what a Willy, Willy good time we had. We’re happy to share this episode for all to see and grateful for the opportunity and attention from Mr. Perez and team. And we invite you and yours to come taste for yourself what the Willy way is all about.

Be sure to check out for all sorts of fascinating stories, segments, and episodes. You’re sure to discover an adventure of food, history, mystery, and more in just a couple of clicks!


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