What’s So Willy Good?

Willy Burger
Willy Blogger | October 19, 2021

Folks ask us all the time about what makes Willy Burger so special? Well, we have some notes…

Willy Burger is full of life, personality, and fun. But none of that works or lasts without a good, quality, delicious burger. That’s the centerpiece that allows us to have fun with it all!

Everything starts there with the genuine goodness and real deal flavor of the burger. That’s made with a shared commitment and real love for what we do.

We use the good stuff—Certified Angus beef. Every delightful day at Willy Burger, we strip the meat, grind it in house, and pack it by hand into a perfect patty. About 40 – 60 lbs per day gets the royal treatment for awesome, authentic hamburger meat.

Once it’s ready, we take the 1/3 lb patty and lovingly cook it on the flat top. We use our proven cookin’ techniques to ensure the juicy, mouthwatering bite that Willy has made famous. No fuss, no filler, no fluff, no need. When it’s this good, you gotta let it shine!

With the beef all set for stardom, that’s where we get to play…

Our Huck Finn Burger, for example, has a mix of flavors that you won’t find anywhere else. And it makes for a real showstopper. Along with feta cheese, bacon, grilled onions, and three apple slices (get ‘em grilled), we lather it with a Blackberry Reduction Sauce. Any of those alone may be just fine, but—by golly—the winning combination of them really makes this such a special bite.

Our Uncle Charlie Burger, however, puts a different sauce in the spotlight. This speciality burger uses a spread of smoky and tangy BBQ sauce atop our fresh made onion rings and big, bold beef. It’s a Texas barbecue between two buttery buns.

The legendary Hee-Haw Burger is Willy something out-of-this-world. This burger uses our famous, Texas-sized onion rings along with luscious, thick-cut bacon stacked on a flour-dusted, fresh fried green tomato, red pepper jelly, true leaf lettuce, and smooth pimento cheese. It’s not thrown on Willy nilly, either. Oh no, this is done with precision and attention.

There’s an order we follow because we know it makes a difference. From our silky smooth, rich textures to the salty-savory-sweet blends, we get it right so that it’s right every time.

And that even goes into our burger basics like our classic cheeseburger. We know the Hee-Haw, the Super Boy, and the Booty Burger may get all the well-deserved notoriety, but we think we can all agree that there’s just somethin’ about a quintessential, quality, simple, Willy good cheeseburger.

Our juicy, scrumptious beef burgers with melted cheese is a standout. We see people every day pull back from that first bite of our cheeseburger and react with an authentic, “Mmmmm wow” reflex. It’s a sight to behold! It’s an honest reaction that helps fuel us to do it right, give it our best, and earn that reaction time and time again!

So all of that honest-to-goodness, practice-made-perfect love and attention works to a Willy good advantage. It’s not the only thing that makes our burgers special. But we’re happy to say it may just be the most important 😉

Visit us in Katy or in Beaumont today and taste one for yourself. Try the superior simplicity of our cheeseburger or the spectacularly stacked Hee-Haw burger. And see what special tastes like!

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