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Willy Burger
Willy Blogger | June 29, 2022
Feature of Katy Times Willy Burger Best Burger 2022

Winner! Winner! Burger dinner!

Willy Burger, home of the legendary Hee Haw Burger and big, flavorful, creative burgers and diner classics, has earned top honors for BEST BURGER in Katy, Texas for the second year in a row.

The Katy Times, the fantastic newspaper of Katy, Tx full of events, features, and all local insights, asked its readers to name the best food, best drinks, best restaurants, best organizations, favorite professionals, and best local businesses. And our wonderful suburb has voted us as Best Burger.

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Willy Burger joined the Katy community in 2016 as the second location after the original Willy Burger in Beaumont (Texas) caught statewide attention with our crafty burgers loaded with rare, exciting, and mouthwatering flavors. But it’s the signature Willy Burger beef that really makes folks come back time and time again.


Best of Katy Times Willy listing


This huge hamburger honor is no small achievement as there are many delicious burger joints all around Katy, Texas. Here on the west side of Houston (currently top 5 largest metro in the US) there are hustling, bustling travelers with lots of competition hungry for such a big acclaim.

Our GM, Mike Daniels, runs the Katy location with maximum passion, professionalism, and purpose. He takes each burger personally. Folks frequently call out to him as they come in with smiling faces and a friendly word. Mike has worked for us and for the Katy community for a number or years now bringing the brand vision and character to complete personal interaction.


Mike Daniels Katy Willy Burger Texas


“He’s a star and a terrific example of what the Willy experience is all about,” says Alden Pond, COO and Exec. Chef. “It’s evident that he cares for people and making everyone’s experience the best it can be. He’s assembled a superb team that rallies, works hard, and delivers the consistent, signature burger that Willy is known for…”

We pride ourselves on big, creative, unique burgers with truly unique flavor combinations with the likes of grilled apples, feta cheese, and blackberry reduction sauce (the Huck Finn); and pimento cheese, bacon, fried green tomato, and red pepper jelly (The Hee Haw Burger); and Sriracha mayo, crunchy Asian slaw, sliced jalapenos, pepper jack cheese and more (The Kung Fu); and even fried boudin with creole mustard (The Booty Burger).


storefront of Katy Tx Willy Burger diner


Our classic burgers, however, are always a favorite due to the ground-fresh-daily beef, our proven cooking techniques, fresh ingredients, and personal attention.

“The bleu cheese bacon burger is exceptional, and I went a month straight on only that Kung Fu burger,” comments Lance LaRue, CMO of the group. “But as creative as we get here, there’s just nothing like a good classic. And that double cheeseburger will make you a burger snob for sure!”

Willy Burger has earned a variety of burger honors over the years from Best Burger in the Beaumont Enterprise “Best Of” to being named a Top 20 Burger in the Big 7 Travel listing and Best Burger of the Season in the Texas Bucket List. This honor is of significant importance because it’s about the community we serve and love.

Stop in for an award-winning BEST burger soon right across from Katy High School on the corner of Highway Boulevard and happiness!

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